Soooooo.....! Welcome to the Decompression Café! The inspiration for the café arrived purely on the basis that the owner is a coffee fiend. His philosophy is that life begins after coffee, then there is diving...! There were so few places to find a decent coffee in our surroundings - exactly the way the boss likes it, so given the concept of coffee, the trouble of getting a perfect one and the logistics involved, Siam H2O created the Decompression Café to satisfy the cravings of one man! Yes, you read it, it is the bosses personal coffee haven, however, as we are an open minded and unconventional company, this café also opens its doors to you, where you can discover, experience and enjoy a range of the most exquisite coffees & teas - nowhere else found on Koh Chang. Many will attempt to copy, but there can only ever be one original, and so long as that original stays ahead of the game, it will always be the best.

Something that also peeved the owner was the absolute absence of a breakfast for divers or early risers. Granted, we're on a tropical island on the Gulf of Thailand. Granted, you're on vacation. HOWEVER, mix all of this into the equation and then wake up at 0630 to go diving - if you're like most divers, you'll want a coffee at a bare minimum and a breakfast substantial enough to see you past the first dive, but not so much that it extinguishes your willpower for the day in the beautifully hot Thailand sun.

We have put together a breakfast menu with locally sourced ingredients. It is a simple menu, however, again, it is original and packed with creativity, goodness and oozes those essential health elements. Others will most definitely make an attempt at copying it, but you got it here first! We will serve our breakfast to you - with European standards, style and panache, between the hours of 0700 - 1200. These times have been carefully selected to accommodate the early rising diver and the late rising drinking diver who will be accompanied with a good old vacation hangover . Our promise to you is this: you will not find another breakfast with tea/coffee like this on our island and if you do, you must know that even if they copied us, it will never be the same and you will never receive a refund! Drinking whilst diving is not supported by Siam H2O - you'd choke and drown, thus propelling our reputation to the bottom of the sea - along with your sorry corpse.

We are THE first establishment to offer you our new "5 a day" shake and what a setting to drink this fundamental "foodness goodness!" Our local access to tropical fruits has reinforced our reasons to make this. Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, Passion Fruit and an assortment of berries are just the beginning of what awaits you in a beautifully presented crafted glass.