Koh Chang's boutique dive center.


Siam H2o is an Irish business, owned and operated by ex British Army veteran Andy Norris. We are a fully committed Scuba Schools International Dive Center, although our instructors are dual rated with SSI & PADI. Siam H2o has a systematic, yet tailored approach to each and every student, diver and course. Thankfully, no two individuals are the same, therefore, we approach each and every person individually - and according to your learning/diving needs and aspirations - throughout your recreational diving career.

We do things differently here. By becoming an SSI diver with Siam H2o, you will have superior diving education, superior educational materials, state of the art media tools, more time in the water with your instructor and a more effective, safer, superior and progressive advancement program and most of all, you will earn your certification - rather than just buy it.

SSI takes its structure from a German/American coalition. What this means for you, our students & divers, is an extremely efficient, well oiled and strategically designed operation. Siam H2o is proud to be partnered with 2 of the largest and most respected names in diving worldwide - Mares & SSI.


We are a small and independent dive center with massive emphasis on quality - quality instruction, quality materials and the best quality equipment in the industry. You will realise this immediately upon entering our retail premises! We tailor make each course and/or dive experience. Siam H2o is a modern & contemporary dive center, living in the present, without forgetting that we are surrounded by an extremely beautiful people and culture. Our partnership with Mares provides us with a platform to equip you - our clients - with top of the range equipment, at no extra cost. All of our equipment is either brand new or from this season - it will never exceed 12 months old. We promise you an extremely exciting, invigorating and personal once in a lifetime experience.

Dive into our world and discover your next adventure.  With so many ways to learn and advance, Siam H2o provides you with more options & more choices, plus a down to earth, personal and unique experience.  Welcome to the family, welcome to SIAM H2O!